Welfont Joe Johnson

Dr. Joe Johnson is an entrepreneur, investor, and start-up expert who has worked and studied the field of entrepreneurship and organizational leadership for over 25 years. Dr. Johnson is the CEO of the Welfont Companies, one of the nation’s fastest growing real estate organizations.

Additionally, he has over a dozen years of commercial real estate investing experience. Dr. Johnson is the Founder and Principal of GoodField Investments, a company he has structured to fund entrepreneurial ventures and other investment opportunities.

With a Ph.D. in Organization Leadership from Regent University and an MBA from Ashland University, Dr. Johnson has spent the majority of his adult life studying how to effectively lead organizations with a specialty in high performance entrepreneurial start-ups.

Earlier in his career Dr. Johnson spent a great deal of time consulting or acquiring troubled companies that were nearly insolvent, attempting to turn them around. More recently, Dr. Johnson has spent most of his time investing and scaling high growth start-ups.

Having served on several nonprofit organization boards, Dr. Welfont Joe Johnson biggest professional passion is funding entrepreneurial research, entrepreneurial ministries, and underprivileged entrepreneurs throughout the world.
Most importantly, Joe Johnson is a devoted husband and father of six, a diehard Jesus follower and a firm believer in the principle: “if at first you don’t succeed, try again”.

When not working, Dr. Johnson is probably enjoying time with his family and friends, cheering for his Ohio State Buckeyes, scuba diving off his boat in the Gulf of Mexico, traveling, funding underprivileged entrepreneurs, or researching and investing in new opportunities.


As a born entrepreneur, Dr. Johnson’s first start-up experience was a landscaping company, complete with industrial equipment and several employees, even before he was old enough to drive.

At age 24 and fresh out of college, he was brought in as CFO of a $12 million insolvent technology company. He was promptly promoted to CEO and led a highly successful turnaround.

In his early 30s, Dr. Johnson re-launched SUCCESS Magazine out of bankruptcy with a new team. After winning the “Best Design Launch of the Year Award” and gaining over 500,000 in print circulation, he subsequently sold the now profitable business.

Over his real estate investing career, he has acquired over 10 million sq. ft. of commercial real estate throughout the country.

As an entrepreneur and investor, Dr. Johnson has launched or funded dozens of start-ups, mainly in small and high-growth companies, as well as led, negotiated, and managed multiple mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions, and exits.

Raised over $50 million in investment capital consisting of debt, equity, and other creative financing methods for his own ventures and investments.

He has funded over 14,000 microloans in over 75 countries, overseen groundbreaking entrepreneurial research, and helped several new entrepreneurial ministries scale their impact.

Before completing his MBA at Ashland University as captain of the swim team and scholar athlete, he attended Ohio State University where he was a member of the OSU swim team.

He is an active US Master’s swimmer, becoming YMCA Master’s Nationals Champion in the 50 Yard Fly in 2016, and qualifying for the Swimming World Master’s Championship (FINA).
Additionally, Dr. Johnson is an active member in Tiger 21, the C12 Group, and the Angel Capital Association.

For more information or to follow Dr. Johnson, please go to:


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